c-spice nw

Non-woven casing inside coated spices or herbs

c-spiceĀ® nw is a sewed non woven casing inside coated spices or herbs. During cooking the spices or herbs are transferring on the surface of the sausage.

c-spiceĀ® nw-casings will be sewed individually in diameter and length on customers demand.

Application range

Cooked ham, boiled sausage, pastries, cheese

Product benefits

  • Spices or herbs will be pressed into the surface of the sausage, therefore ideal adhesion
  • Evenly spread spice or herb jacket
  • Efficient production
  • Less personnel expenses
  • Mircobiologicallybeneficial, because there is no need to use gelatine
  • Optimal preconditions for slicer products
  • Allmost all types of spice/herbal jackets possible
  • Exclusive spice/herbal mixtures on request
  • Optimal for pressing in mould
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