c-spice b

High barrier composite film with limited strain

High barrier composite film with limited strain

Individual high quality spicetransfercasings, shirred an cut pieces

Application range

Cooked ham, boiled sausage, pastries, cheese

Product benefits

  • Shirred spice- or herbcasings, thereby highspeed stuffing possible
  • No weightlosses
  • Spices or herbs will be pressed into the surface of the sausage, therefore ideal adhesion
  • Evenly spread spice or herb jacket
  • Less personnel expenses
  • High product safety
  • Microbiological safer, due to the high barrier
  • Optimal preconditions for slicer products
  • Allmost all types of spice/herbal jackets possible
  • Exclusive spice/herbal mixtures on request
  • Optimal for pressing in mould
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